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A very serious issue when your butthole itches, and you can't scratch it (because you're in public, on a date, at a party, etc)
You: Matthew, what is wrong? Why are you standing in that corner?
Matthew: Man, I got 'The Problem' real bad!
by The Awesomenator August 04, 2005
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what you say to freak your best friends bf out....if you are extremely jealous.
I'm sooooo jealous your dating Lisa, but you do know she's got the problem...
by LM!!! December 29, 2010
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People who are considered to be interruptions to the Communist/Utopian plan.
1. China is planning to use military force to handle the problems who are protesting in Hong Kong.
2. Donald Trump is one of the problems faced by the leftist media in the USA.
3. Conservative posters on Urban Dictionary run the risk of being put on "the problems" list and having their previously approved words erased.
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by TheFleeceMan August 23, 2019
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