to depend on something after a loss or failure
The family has no savings to fall back on. I fell back on skills I had learned years ago when I had to earn a living for myself.
by waterlily70 February 16, 2017
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(Verb) To slowly stop caring about someone or something. To become void of emotions towards a certain figure.
Girl 1: He wont respond to my text messages what should i do?
Girl 2: Girl just start falling back he won't realize what he had until it's gone.
by Luv Doctor July 11, 2015
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To stop caring.
To leave someone alone.
To let someone do them.
Lexi - Look at these messages between ____ & ______.
Samantha - Damn you should just fall back.
by Rs. (Real Shit.)🙌💯 December 25, 2014
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To stop talking to a female/male for a bit because things are moving too fast or you're catching feelings too quickly and you need a break to give each other space

To just chill out from that person with no contact
Girl: hey tomorrow do you want to go to the movies? I know
Boy:I don't know about that
Girl: Why not? You have plans?
Boy: look I think I'm gonna fall back fr a minute
minute. I just think we're moving too fast.
by prettyvibez December 28, 2015
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To loose feelings or to give up in a sense
Becky: "I caught Jim texting amber I think it's time to fall back"
by Janet hither August 2, 2014
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you need to chill get out of my shit
It's a dude all in your face tryin to get your # or somthin so you gotta be like"yo fall back son"
by Beth December 15, 2003
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