1. The Gaffer wants us to pick the tempo up in the second half.

2. Ask The Gaffer if you can play up front.
by humbdalas November 6, 2009
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a person in charge of others; a boss.
"street cleaners stopping for a smoke when their gaffer isn't in the vicinity"
by karientoch March 19, 2019
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Used in Ireland, "gaff" is slang for house in Ireland, "gaffer" means house party
"Josh I have a free gaff this weekend"
"You gonna have a gaffer?"
"Yeah mate it's gonna be whopper"
by Señor Chen November 28, 2016
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"Gaff" is a colloquial word used in the greater Dublin area in Ireland & north England meaning house. Gaffer is a house party
"Gaffer at Damo's house tonight lads"

"I heard that was some gaffer the other day, boy. Did ye get the shift?"

"Are ye comin' to my gaffer on Friday "
by StoryHörse June 17, 2019
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He's the gaffer in that production.
by alsdjflajsdlfk November 29, 2006
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Irish slang word for a wild party, typically at a "gaff" (irish slang for house).
"Righ', so my mam and da are out so I'll be having a mad gaffer!"
by Mad-Yoke-From-Ireland July 23, 2018
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