A total legend. Someone who never seems to talk or do much but in fact comes up with all the ideas and does all the work. Also quite well built physically with a huge wang and shapley butt.

That guy never does anything
Oh yeah he does, remember (insert funny prank/stunt someone performed)? He came up with it. He did a Damo.
by Occupant Wickedness January 24, 2008
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In latin text it means : Man with horse penis
Usually people are gifted with this & usually they have a right to brag about there extra huge penis & make there guy friends envy about how huge it is & make the ladies drool over it.
Seriously dude I have a Damo.
by EB123 October 11, 2009
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A spectral and divine being in nature, the Damo comes (c;) once a year to bestow his blessing of beauty and unfathomable sexiness upon his students. His majestically shiny bald head is said to be the reason that all monks shave their heads, in an effort to be as much like the almighty Damo as they can. Believe it or not, Damo was once a human, named Damon Smith, a child of Jesus Christ himself, but he swiftly overcame his father in terms of power and schlong size alike, ruling over multiple classrooms of history, program X and ultimately the universe. Those who defy him will be banished to the pod, which may seem tame but after experiencing the overwhelming light of Damo, then quickly being torn from the sensation, will result in great grief and dismay, causing some to go insane. Those who are fortunate enough as to make eye contact with The Damo immediately enter a trance that always results in an orgasmic state.
My eyes locked with The Damo and i was suddenly his, there was no escape from his beautiful gaze, cleaning agents were required.
by Weinergursk September 11, 2016
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