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An Irish pronuncuation of the word "beat" or used to describe the feeling of a hangover
"I'll bate the head off him"

"Jaysus boy I'm bate after the session last night"
by StoryHörse June 17, 2019
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Jay from 'The Inbetweeners'
"Fuck off Jay, just fuck off! You fucking gimp"
by StoryHörse May 10, 2021
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"Gaff" is a colloquial word used in the greater Dublin area in Ireland & north England meaning house. Gaffer is a house party
"Gaffer at Damo's house tonight lads"

"I heard that was some gaffer the other day, boy. Did ye get the shift?"

"Are ye comin' to my gaffer on Friday "
by StoryHörse June 17, 2019
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An Irish bastardisation of the word frigid. Typically denoting a person who has never French kissed/shifted/met someone. Less commonly used to describe someone who is sexually repressed or prudish.
'' Haha, Dara's a fuckin' fridgit boys ''
'' Let's all go to gaa this Friday. I don't want to still be a fridgit in 2nd year''
by StoryHörse April 26, 2021
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Dublin City. Often referred to as such by anyone living in the suburbs or outside of County Dublin, as it's the largest urban centre in Ireland
''I'm goin' into Town on Friday to do the Christmas shopping with my Mam''

''Are ye goin' into Town with the lads?''
by StoryHörse September 05, 2021
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A pejorative term used to describe a native English speaker from outside the U.S who has been heavily influenced by American pop and internet culture, to such a degree that they favour using Americanisms in their idiolect such as 'faucet' or 'trash'. Rather than the standard regional monikers of their native dialect, like for eg. 'tap' and 'rubbish'. Also an individual that uses American slang excessively or speaks with a hybridised Americanised accent, even though have no personal history or connection with the U.S.
''Shut up ye fecking 'Yankee Doodle', you're from Navan, not New York''
by StoryHörse February 03, 2021
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