to attempt to improve, to make somthing better, turn a bad situation into a good one

Nike is trying to play up their greedy image in a new advertising campaign
by youngkim March 30, 2007
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1. If something isn't working right....

2. To be cheating on your other half
1.AWW my cars playing up it won't start!

2.See that guy Bob...He's playing up on his wife...
by shaktisaurfang September 12, 2010
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When a certain induvidual cannot control their behaviour
Bro stop playing up, i cant help it been on the piss alday
by bpnz June 11, 2016
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competing in a league that is above yours in skill level.
When 10-year-old plays baseball in a league for 12-year-olds he is playing up.
by Statsclimber September 22, 2010
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Like when you play up to the mentors ego.
The mentor sure does have a big ego, I think ill play up to it.
by Solid Mantis March 24, 2018
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1. To play a game WITHOUT the use or interference of 'general bullshit', advanced techniques, or anything that takes away from the casual-player experience. 2. Playing WITHOUT any outside influence, tool-assistance, or additional game knowledge. 3. To play a game in its purest form and at face-value WITHOUT any consideration to how your decisions will affect your chances of winning.
Examples of NOT playing straight up:

1) Picking an overpowered champion/character you don't enjoy simply because it increases your chances of winning.
2) Assigning hotkeys to mouse buttons for inputs that are already accessible by default on the keyboard.
3) Watching a youtube tutorial on an advanced mechanic with the intention of using it in the game.
4) Utilizing any training or sandbox mode for the purpose of improving.
5) Using forums to find glitches/shortcuts/optimizations that improve time trials.
6) Backing down from a fight/battle because it hurts your chances of winning.

Examples of playing straight up:

1) Sending out pokemon without looking at the moveset/abilities and getting it straight into battle.
2) Playing a racing game with the unmodified stock vehicle while using only the brake and acceleration buttons for the entirety of the match.
3) Having an absolute slugfest of a game without any concern for what is happening and who is winning.
4) Knowingly producing an army of inferior units simply because they are your favorite, even if it's easily countered.

In a sentence -
"Hey you should lower the shading in your graphic settings, it makes the enemies easier to see." "I'm good man, I don't care about that shit, I'm just playing straight up."

"You ever tune that thing to a major 3rd or 5th?" "Nah man. I don't fuck around with that shit, I play straight up".

"I was trying to have a clean game and enjoy myself but he refused to play straight up"
by Careem Bob June 19, 2019
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