The type of love that tops anything in the world. Using it beats anything else in the love you more battles.
by Tpizzler August 15, 2021
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Bestest is a word related to best. It is used to portray something that is better than the best, but not as good as the greatest. This word was used by the greats to describe how their days had gone. " How was your day? My day was the bestest!"
" How was your day? My day was the bestest!"
"You are the bestest friend I have ever had!"
by Totalloveandheartisputintothis February 13, 2017
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Word made by couples to compliment each other. It’s better than “better” and “best” combined that’s why It’s bestester.
Babygirl has anyone ever told you that’s you’re the bestester
by Hayford Kesse September 18, 2020
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A wise woman once didn't give a single fuck about grammar, and invented the word "bestest". It is used to specify if something is the best, among other things.
I has the bestest ice cream, you fools. Do not question me.
by Kalypto July 6, 2016
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Think about the good.

Now think about the best.

Well, bestest is better than the best. Now you can go use it all over the nerd forums on the Internet and try to look cool.
Nerd1: 0MG LoLz I HaEV C00kies!1
Nerd2: YaY C00KIES!1!111111oneone
Guy trying to look like a cool nerd: YEZ COOKIES ARE TEH BESTEST EVAH LOLOLOLO
Nerd1: ...
Nerd1: Asshole.
by Jonny12345 October 16, 2007
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