You are the bestest human being available!

He is the worstest scum ever.
by Melita November 21, 2005
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WARNING: Dont overuse it or you will sound insincere and stupid.

1 (verb) The greatest, awesomest, best thing ever in the world ever! Despite sounding retarded, it is better than saying best.

2 (noun) Word used to describe your favourite person(or people) to have cybersex with. Cybersex is also called "talking" Mostly used in front of small children, parents, other unapproving people.

Also called a special friend. Not to be confused with a bestest friend. Ever.
1 They weren't just best friends, they were bestest friends.

2 (a converstion)
Person 1: "So, erm, my... bestest... and me, we were "talking" on msn for an hour."
Person 2: "Wow, whats their addy? I need to talk to them!"
Small kid/Parent/Unapproving Person: "Huh?"

by Lyddy Cool January 27, 2007
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its a word. i swear. usually used for describing a awsome person that you cant think of any other word for..someone that you really really really love i <3 nicki:
dan&nickiforever: i love her cuz she is the bestesterness:
by pyro4lyfe999 November 9, 2008
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this word is only used by those who are special in there own ways
by Biome of Rec Room November 9, 2018
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A farse, people use to try to trump "the best" but doesnt work
It's all really just a load of crap, you cant get better than BEST.
"Dude team best sucks, im team bestest"

"Your a fucking idiot."
by stephanopolis March 20, 2006
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1. the cutest
2. the sweetest
3. the nicest
4. the one who makes me the luckiest
How did I get so lucky to have the bestest boyfriend ever?
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
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