Top definition
Aussie, Irish, Scottish, English slang

Fantastic. Wonderful.
Ahh she's tops mate. Reeaaal tops.
by christopher January 20, 2004
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Slang term used when refering to a blowjob. Originates from New York City and is actually an acronym for "Tounge On Penis"
"Hey man, I heard that chick gives the best top"
by R-kIVe July 22, 2005
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A man who likes giving anal intercourse to other men rather than receiving.
I really DON'T like taking huge cocks up my ass since I'm a top, but I'll shove my cock into a receptive hole when offered.
by dicklicker May 23, 2003
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T.O.P is the oldest and ultimately the sexiest member of Big Bang. He can make the girls swoon with a simple eyebrow raise and he wears a lot of layers. His voice is very deep and sexy!
Fangirl: I wish I had a for myself T.O.P
by KnightLight34 August 01, 2011
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an abbreviation for the popular band twenty one pilots. must be used with the line through the o.
Person 1: "Ayy, what's your favourite tøp song?"
Person 2: "Idk, probably Heavydirtysoul or Air Catcher.
by internetawakening July 08, 2015
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