The ultimate compliment you can give when describing someone. Formed from combining bestest and better.
Lindsay is bestester than anyone else
by WooleyWanka June 30, 2016
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1. Someone or something who exceeds the level of 'best.'
2. An exaggeration of the word 'best.'
Raniet is by far the bestest. That's a proven fact.
by Mr. Magic Man March 24, 2011
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having all desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. nothing possibly better
Lucy is the bestest person to come in to my life!
by This One Guy In Like March 18, 2020
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It beats best, aka Tyler wins
"I love you best"
"No, I love youu Bestest"
by white boy 223 July 23, 2020
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The Bestest is someone who is much more important than others. The Bestest is the number one person and is above everyone else. Everyone wants to be The Bestest.
Alley is The Bestest.
by Danny Castro December 30, 2011
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to have or show exceptional qualities strong enough to be a described by a word that isnt technically a part of the english language
jemmy is the bestest, he is so lovely.
by abbeyiscool April 22, 2007
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