Humanoid BBC daytime children's TV characters Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo. Popular with toddlers and students on drugs, the 'gang' wear ridiculously oversized luminous clothing because their feet and heads are so fucking big. The new Teletubbies.
Q: 'Who the fuck are The Tweenies?' A: They're Bella, Fizz, Jake and Milo
by 50 Nurp February 26, 2008
Wannabe teenagers that aren't old enough to be considered teens.

Usually girls that tart themselves up to look like whores around the age of 8-11. Absolutely horrible

Tell tale signs of being a tweenie are flip phones, big hoopy earrings and awful, awful blue eye shadow all before the age of 13.
Look around your local cinema/McDonalds for an example of a tweenie
by Your Uncle Cordelia September 19, 2006
n.see gooch. fleshy area between the scrotum and the rectum. Between the penis and the anus thus tweenis. That part you might hit if you fall riding a guys bicycle.
"My friend Kris fell straddling the back of a chair and luckily missed his balls but totally bruised his tweenis."
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
Australian slang for a beer (or drink) one has whilst others in the round drink at a more measured pace. The drink an alcoholic has in between a round.
Justin: Why is Max so thirsty, did he work out this afternoon?
Robert: Nah, Max never works out - he always takes a Tweenie; I like to sip my Summer Sam.
by Irish Dan 3 September 5, 2018
The skin that connects the penis to the scrotum.

The "&" in Cock & Balls
by MysticOgre August 22, 2008
Adjective used to describe prissy, silly, whimsical people...more often than not this applies to teenage girls and their gay counterparts.
I like love it when you get all tweeny and like tell me about like serious thing and stuff like that.
by spclagntscly April 27, 2004
one PURPLE, one BLUE, one YELLOW, and one ORANGE. Twisted versions of furry, felt and woolen 'human toddlers.' They look like fucked up multicoloured teddy bears and speak like their spastic EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE NOT!!!
1)Did you see those fucked up bits of fluff on the telly this morning? I hear they're called TWEENIES!!!

2)When somebody is ill you say that they are 'All tweenied up' cuzz they look either purple, blue, yellow or orange. Theytalk like they are spastic if they've got a throat infection and they are ALL FUCKED UP!!!
by Conner November 19, 2003