The tingling sensation you get in your legs/feet, when sitting in the same position for some time.

Besides you legs Going trim trim, you can also feel numbness in your legs,
Trim trim elavates when you try to walk with you numb feet and legs.
Often resulting from sitting in lotus position
Dude, I have been sitting here for half an hour, and now I have trim trim in my legs, help me sit
by PerrySan November 3, 2020
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pussy; usually good.(clean, shaved, not used alot.
yo i heard there gonna be mad trim at that party this week.
by $PAZZ April 1, 2003
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well put together in a Matthew Macconaughey type of way.
Boi be trim.
by ,martgal17 June 15, 2017
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Verb: to kiss and touch private parts; to mack; to neck; to make out
Verb form of Trim is used only in the deep south, within 100 miles of the Gulf Coast, from Lafayette to Pantama City, Florida. First usage from approximately 1986.
1. Lafonda say, “Do you want to trim
2. What you did last night? Me and Blondene was trimmin’ all nite
by English Lit Theory June 1, 2018
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Clippings of leaves from buds of marijuana. This is done to enhance appearance and get rid of the harsh taste. Usually used to make bubble hash.
Jimmy smokes trimmings from dank.
by Jojwjwjejej December 21, 2013
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pussy; vagina; and/ or ass
by Ryanthedon September 20, 2005
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The leaves and small buds from cannabis plants, left over after the larger buds and the stems have been removed.
"Can I have your trim after harvest?"
"Trim is expensive in Colorado."
by BeansonToast August 11, 2015
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