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1. America's favorite fighting Frenchman

2. When they finally drived Lafayette was there waiting in Chesapeake Bay
3. An immigrant who gets the job done
4. Full name is really long
5. Good friends? With Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens
"Oui oui, mon amie je m'appelle Lafayette..."

"Lafayette! I'm taking this horse by the reinsurance makin' red coats redder with blood stains! Lafayette! And I'm never gonna stop until I make 'em drop I burn 'em up and scatter their remains I'm-...."
by ze awesome Prussia October 07, 2016
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America's favorite fighting Frenchman. One of Alexander Hamilton's three friends.
1. Known for constantly confusin' confoundin' the British henchmen.
2. Brings lots of guns and ships.
3. Thinks Burr is the worst.
Dang, look at how fast Lafayette can rap!
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by aaronburrsir December 13, 2016
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One of the best commanders of American history

1:has long sexy legs
2:every friend says I'm him
3:great fucking friends with Hamilton
Oh Lafayette was the best commander ever
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by Hamiltonlover March 01, 2018
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The center of cajun culture in louisiana.Very cool town.Bigger than what what most people think.Home to the university of louisana and is the states 5th largest city. Lafayette has a lot of potential but it is slowly losing its uniqeness to strip malls and 5 lane roads which can be found in any other city.
guy#1:Whose that fly ass fucker mackin all the ladies?

guy#2: oh, thats matt hes from lafayette.Hes not a douche!
by cajun-irish guy April 01, 2005
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1. wicked cool place

2. a white stripes song: lafayette blues
1. dude!!!! lets go to lafayette!!

2. dude, lafayette blues is my FAVORITE song!!
by maroo July 28, 2006
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Only the sickest suburb in the west coast.
located i the east bay
not to mention one of the richest flossy ass city
guy 1;Dayumm, i met this fine bitch from lafayette. one of them fine ass preps
guy 2; fuk nigga tell me where i get one a them!

ex. 2
oakland guy: yo son wats up wit yo look? what up witchoo rolled up prep shirt?
lafayette guy: i beleive abercrombie will save the world
by grantaliscious March 08, 2007
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