A adjective for being really tanned.
Wow, Lafonda, where were you?

Whoa, you are so lafonda, how was mexico?

You be Lafonda in that bathing suit.
by gurl of wisdom April 20, 2009
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LaFonda is usually a term used, an adjective of sorts, to describe blonde girls attending universities in upstate New York. These girls are very studious and frequent the gyms on campus. They enjoy snacks such as: lettuce, wheat thins, Swedish Fish and dry cereal. They enjoy public speaking, wearing slippers and booty shorts, and creating new and interesting hair styles. They are lambs at heart but can be turned into lions if provoked. They may or may not be prude.
"Hey, did you check that LaFonda at the gym today? Her body is ri-dic-o-lous..."
by Girl33 March 31, 2009
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Its a couple that just doesn't look right together. hahaha
person 1: did u see them over there?? she is sooo tall and he is sooo short.
person 2: yeah its like a Kip and LaFonda Couple. they dont really go together.
by LoveMuffin86 September 27, 2010
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