When you always get Sick or infected and may not make it out in survival terms.

Usage: "Carson: Do you have another tetracycline jess?"
Appropriate Usage: When you need to eat all of our medicine and then continue to eat everything in sight.
The Terminal "Carson: Do you have another tetracycline jess?"
by Myrth0001 May 15, 2021
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Skynet began production of the T-800 Series in 2026. The T-800 Series is a cybernetic organism. It consists of living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. The metal endoskeleton is a microprocessor controlled fully armoured hyper-alloy combat chassis. This endoskeleton is constructed with frictionless bearings in its joints, and a servo-actuated control system. Its limbs are controlled by axial drive motors and clavicular trailing links. This allows the T-800 to manoeuvre faster than the T-600, as bursts of speed of up to 22 mph no longer threaten the joint assemblies. The living tissue, grown specially for the T-800’s, consists of flesh, skin, hair and blood, and is capable of limited regeneration over time. As this tissue is living it is warm to the touch and hence T-800's will not show up on thermal scanners as being any different from a real human. The biological components are only grafted onto T-800's which are to be used to infiltrate our bases; T-800's which are deployed straight onto the battlefield usually do not possess biological components. In order to keep track of its battle units, Cyberdyne Systems had given each one a Series number. The Series number refers to the type of internal structure or chassis. However, the T-800 Series also has different configurations of living tissue, each giving it the appearance of a different person. The physical appearance of the living tissue (which was initially based on photographic records from Skynet's databases) is therefore also given a Model number. As part of our scientific progression, mankind has unravelled the human genome and we were able to identify the genes which control cell life-span and degradation. Using this information, stored within its vast databases, Skynet has been able to eliminate these unwanted genes from cells prior to industrially growing biological components for the T-800's.
This means that the skin and muscles of the T-800's, unlike the human equivalents, do not wear down, degrade or necrotize over relatively short periods of time. It also means that the T-800's biological components will not rot over long periods of time, and do not require a flow of nutrients or anti-bodies. However, if a T-800 is left on the battlefield for too great a period, it's biological components will begin to rot, and its cover will be blown.

Though it does not need nutrient or blood flow, the T-800 has a circulatory system which is controlled by a tiny pneumatic pump which maintains a constant pressure. This allows the T-800 to bleed convincingly when wounded. However, the living tissue of the T-800's is still prone to necrotizing after a period. Therefore, when not in active service, flesh covered T-800's are stored in special racks in a cryogenic vault to preserve the flesh from deteriorating. The unactivated T-800's are housed within a large vault-like cold-storage room. Massive doors of steel, equipped with electronic locking bolts bar the entrance to this facility. The T-800's hang in steel racks from tracks mounted in the ceiling. Hundreds of flesh covered T-800's are stored like this. They are arranged in rows of ten, where each of the bodies within each row are absolutely identical. Each body hangs in its own cryogenic hybermatrix. This cryogenic storage and the vacuum sealed room ensures that the T-800's flesh will not decay or necrotize from exposure to warm, oxygenated air that may contain pathogens.
by Anonymous August 5, 2003
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a terminator is a turd that when flushed returns to the surface of the water.

terminator returns "ill be back"
by Augazoid February 25, 2009
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1. To finish, to come to an end, or bring something to an end.

2. To fire somebody: to discontinue somebody's or a group's employment.

3. To murder, kill or assassinate somebody.
1. He terminates a broadcast.
2. He was terminated after 20 years in the job.
3. If you hire her, she'll terminate anyone you like.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
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Termination is the practice of making phone calls to people anonymously and then proceeding to only use sounds, music and quotes from the first three 'Terminator' movies during said phone calls.

The most frequent type of termination is done with the main Terminator theme opening the call then followed by classic Terminator quotes such as "RELAX", "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle", "Uzi 9 millimetre" and "I'll be back" with the theme playing in the background.

Prime candidates for said phone calls are those that share their names with the main cast of the Terminator films
"I haven't spoke to him in a while, I think he deserves a termination"

"I got woke up last night by my phone, at first I thought it was my mother but it turned out I'd be terminated"

"If I find that terminator, i'll turn his bowels into a garden ornament"
by takerdemon July 14, 2009
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A 2003/2004 Cobra Mustang.Called the Terminator by Fords SVT.
The supercharged 2003/2004 Cobra Mustang, nicknamed "The Terminator" is one of the best Mustangs ever made.
by HEMIHUNTER April 9, 2008
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A cybernetic organisim. Living tissue over metal endo-skeleton. Created by Skynet, commonly used in human assassination missions. Can be reprogrammed to protect humans. Come in different models - ex. T-1, T-600, T-800, T-850, T-1000, T-X
by Dre July 16, 2003
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