A military AI computer network created by Cyberdyne Systems that gains sentience and begins a genocidal war against humanity when US military officials try to pull the plug on the project. Sends two Terminators back in time, one to destroy opposition leader John Connor's mother before Connor is born, and one to eliminate Connor ten years later.
Skynet's undoing was its use of humans to dispose of bodies in its death camps.
by Shawn Farrell November 16, 2004
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Guy 1: I'm going to buy the new robot powered by Google.

Guy 2: I have a slight feeling that Google is Skynet.

Guy 3: It is Skynet.

Guy 1: So.......should I buy it?

Guy 3: Hell no! Have you ever seen what happened in Terminator??!!
by Derp Man March 10, 2014
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Today it's called Microsoft.

The Terminator movies warned of the apocalyptic end of humanity if Skynet is not shut down permanently.
With the numerous security flaws in Microsoft's products, a hacker can easily create bugs which will guide Microsoft Windows into becoming a self-aware, Skynet-like system.
by John Connor August 5, 2003
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A career center for high school students where mentally challenged kids are trained in the art of janitorial terminator skills the mentally challenged kids are secretly robots trying to kill us all
Skynet is where they prep the mentally challenged kids in janitorial skills.
by The Resistance November 12, 2014
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Used when you are having trouble with technology.

SkyNet derives from the Terminator movies, and is here used as reference to technology.

If your phone, computer, televesion etc. freezes.
Shit we missed the train by 2 minutes. Fucking SkyNet!

My WiFi is down... Fucking SkyNet!
by crudent February 7, 2011
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