47 definitions by Dre

someone with a face which is slutty. Someone who is a real slut. Someone who has a real face.
Man, don't be such a slut face.
by Dre March 28, 2003
Either extremely good, or extremely evil. Something to the extreme.
Dre: Ooogles of shoogles and burnt up grey.
Sa: Dre, you need to stop doing that in public.... REALLY
Dre: thith...
by Dre July 7, 2003
A way of expressing something so stupid and ridiculous, it can be compared to the horrible Vin Deisel flicc "Chronicles of Riddick"
"Oh, now that's just Riddick-ulous!"
by Dre March 4, 2005
Term used to describe an attractive female.
"Yo, that shorty is bangin'."
by Dre August 5, 2002
an overtly sexual form of dance prefromed in clubs and at highschool dances.
some random guy came up to me and we started to freak
by Dre February 15, 2005
Short for Naptown which is the city of Indianapolis. Also refered to as N.A.P. with each letter pronounced.
"I'm about to Nap for (BlacK) Expo".
by Dre July 7, 2003
Great basketball player who was rookie of the year, 6 time all-star, two time MVP, two time finals MVP, two time NBA Champion...oh wait thats T-Mac thats Tim Duncan...T-Mac hasn't wonm SHIT...dont diss TD
by Dre July 16, 2003