A boy you’ll like easily. He could be mean and rude sometimes but he will change his attitude later on. He’ll make you smile when he walks in a room and he’s funny. If your sad then he’ll be there to cheer you up. He will mess with your head and flirt with your friends sometimes but you’ll still like him. If you have a Carson in your life then be his best friend and if you like him tell him or he’ll ask someone out. Never break up with him or your stupid and you’ll regret it because he’s perfect. He is everything you’ll need funny,caring,daring,bit rude and mean,nice, and cute .
Best friend: hey is he new?
You: yeah, he’s cute!
Bestie: he’s such a Carson!
Bestie:his smile, he’s cute,and funny
You:how do you know?
Bestie: cause of his looks.
by Person on this website March 03, 2018
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Carson is an amazing guy! he’s fun, funny, athletic, kind, caring, and cute as HELL!! you will never want to pass up being friends with him, cause you’ll regret it. he will tease you and try to make you laugh if he likes you, trust me. he’s a flirt, and he will fall in love with you till the day you die and he won’t ever cheat or anything, cause he’ll be too in love. he’s loyal as hell!!!
Hey, is that Carson!?
yeah, isn’t he amazing?!
YES!! but wait, he has a girlfriend doesn’t he?
yeah, and he’s loyal as HELL, good luck with that one.
by Pumkinmix214 August 25, 2018
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Carson is a boy who will take your heart and never let it go. He will be the guy you have a crush on forever. He will catch your eye and never let you look back. He is perfect in every aspect and may have some flaws but everyone is beautiful and adds up to him. He is very athletic and good at every sport and probably has a dream of college or pro sports but does have some anger issues that come out during the game. He is very outgoing and makes everyone laugh. He can be serious though and has very good thoughts and ideas on life if you are able to see that side of him. He is incredible handsome and HOT! Every girl has or has had a crush on him but he doesn't value it or know how lucky he is. He doesn't take any meaning into relationships and doesn't believe in true love. He could of had it all if he would have gave a girl a chance. Hes great with kids and the way he smiles and also looks at the ground out of the bottom corners of his eye when he doesn't know what to say will melt your heart.
Carson is the boy you will love forever.

Carson was one hot douche!
by Can'tHandleIt May 04, 2015
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really chill, funny, cute, and pretty freaking awesome- he's a laid back dude and y'all would be pretty luckyyyyy to have a (specific) guy named carson
Becky; "Oml I like Carson"
Other girl"omg no way"
by Cha chime August 29, 2017
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Carson... well carson is lots of things. Carson is usually very nice and genuine to lots of people if he likes you. He is also usually smart and great at sports. He'll kick ur ass tho. He's small but mighty. Your usually lucky when u find a Carson they are kinda rare.
1:Wow! Look it's a Carson. I can't believe my eyes.

2:OMG ______ your so lucky to have Carson but watch your back.
by C-dub a dub dub December 28, 2016
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If you are ever lucky enough to encounter a Carson, make sure he stays in your life. On the first impression, a Carson may seem like a social butterfly who gives zero (0) shits about you or anything you do. Grow close to this new Carson; he will reveal his true colors once he gets used to you! He will be ultra protective and sensitive around those he truly trusts (such as crying during Beauty and the Beast). Being friends with a Carson includes lots of self-deprecating humor, excessive swearing, jokes about wanting to die, and puns about his sexuality.

Bonus: Free therapist! Best listener out there: 10/10
Carson: Now, tell me what's bothering you today.
Friend: WELL, *describes their day in extreme detail*
Carson: *rephrases everything you said and gives you genuine advice*
by Anon Y. Mous. December 15, 2017
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cute, funny, sexy, loving, caring, smile, great hair, great face
A great guy who is incredible at making you feel happy, is very cute and caring to anyone around him, sexy smile ... bro, that's a Carson
by Wimeish keimish February 15, 2017
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