to steal , to nick , to rob , to scouse , to graft =)
i grafted this tv off the back off a lorry
by james brandon August 9, 2006
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"dirty" commonly used slang in various parts of england
my jeans are proper grafted
by ISR October 29, 2006
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Scottish slang meaning a guy who is trying to get a girl to like him. A bit like flirting. Can be shortened to 'graft' or 'g-rafting'
"Oh see Dave over there he's grafting on Lisa"

"Dave's on the graft"

"Dave's g-rafting"

"Graft graft graft your boat gently down the stream..."
by omacc October 10, 2014
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John: "How's the Grafting going?"
James: "It's all good. Man's gotto make a living"
by Carlo89 June 5, 2013
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A long process where one persistently flirts and talks with a girl via text, msn, facebook etc. until you (eventually/rarely) "tap that ass".
"Joe is a grafting machine! Everytime I see him he's texting some female..."
by EWS16 January 18, 2010
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Dave: ''Christ, Jim works hard doesn't he?!''
Shamus: ''Yeah hes a real grafter.''
by Ferd December 30, 2005
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To work.
it bassically means work - whether physical or mental.
1) alec: why u got so much money in ya bank u rich cunt!?
Adam: Ive done 4 weeks hard graft for that so i deserve it ya PRIK!
2) Its been a hard day of graft dad, so get out that chair and let me chill with the tele 4 a while!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
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