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1. To finish, to come to an end, or bring something to an end.

2. To fire somebody: to discontinue somebody's or a group's employment.

3. To murder, kill or assassinate somebody.
1. He terminates a broadcast.
2. He was terminated after 20 years in the job.
3. If you hire her, she'll terminate anyone you like.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
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A lethal experience in which a woman is on all fours giving a male a blow job. This is then followed up by a large "nut bust" to the back of her throat causing the female to choke and possibly stop breathing.
Bobby's goal was to terminate Susan but she blue-balled him before he could do so.
by Taylor0412 December 09, 2008
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When an assassin is found and you have to disassociate or when you dissolve your position in a job.
Agent 47 was thus terminated after being accosted by Providence and Homer terminated his job with the Springfield power plant.
by Jacobistan February 26, 2019
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