(n.)what you say to someone when they are shitfaced and do something totally asinine

(n.)what you say to someone when they say something completely moronic
(matt drops a full beer and it smashes on the ground sending shards of glass into several pairs of innocent eyeballs)

sean: i am sad that randy johnson is leaving the yankees, he is so handsome
melanie: HAVE ANOTHER!
by miss m. December 29, 2006
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A sarcastic remark to a drunk person who is drinking or who won't stop drinking after causing unintentional damage to his/her or public property.
Lucy looked outside to find a ruined ATV crashed through her fence and her drunk neighbor still trying to drive it.

she opened her window yelled " have another drink Joe!"
just as he took a swig from his beer.
by goldDriver12 February 27, 2012
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Off doing something time-wasting when important or interesting stuff was happening. Not even having a good time, just having another time.
When they gave out the answers, I was off having another time.
by Four Iron Feet April 20, 2010
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The act of spanking or being spanked, and asking for more.
Shanequia: *smack* Ya like that, ho?
Dave: Yes ma'am may I have another?!
by Courtney G-unit February 7, 2007
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