A style of the classic Manhattan cocktail (Rye, Sweet Vermouth, and Bitters) containing Rye, Bourbon, and Scotch whiskey, along with sweet vermouth and bitters. It is named after the famous "Rat Pack" (an entertainment group containing Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop) but given one of their preferred names for their group: The Summit. The creator claims the rye whiskey represents Frank Sinatra, the bourbon Dean Martin, the scotch Peter Lawford, the sweet vermouth Sammy Davis Jr., and the bitters Joey Bishop. Created by a student at the University of Virginia in October of 2020.
There's no better blue hour cocktail than the Summit.

I went to the speakeasy downtown and had that cocktail, the Summit. It was delicious.

I'm telling you, the summit is going to take the country by storm. It'll be in every bar and speakeasy nationwide by New Year's Eve 2029.
by gotzeausgelsenkirchen October 28, 2020
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Summit is a town in central New Jersey. Close to the Short Hills Mall and NYC. After reading all the definitions for this town I just had to clear up a few things. Yes, we are quite a wealthy town but NO we do not all go out and get drunk every weekend. We have a great education system and we all end up going to pretty good colleges! I guess everyone hates us because all they hear about us Summit people is that we are rich and snobby. People everywhere do stupid stuff like that and it isn't everyone (although it is a lot of people) and we are not all rich! So when you hear people are from summit don't immediately hate us. We aren't all spoiled dimwits and most of us are actually nice people. We also have Magic Fountain and if you want ice-cream you better be nice ;)
Human Being: I am from Summit

Other Human Being: You must be snobby, rich, and a drunk!

Human Being: Nice to meet you too?? Um...I'm going to walk away now...Bye
by AGirlWithAName May 8, 2011
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Here is a term born from the wonderful people at summit racing. The people who love summit and think it is all that, and all good things for cars and trucks come from summit. Here is an example of how a "Tool's" brain works: dude I just went to summit and bought a cool air intake,splitfire plugs,accel coil,a k&n filter,hypertech chip,low temp stat,and headers w/daul exhaust for my 94 K1500. Now my piece of shit truck w/200k+ miles will go form 225hp to like 300+ hp, so in order to keep all that power under control I'm gonna need rancho shocks,rear sway bar,energy suspension bushings and some mickey thompson tires. This practice is also very common with small rice burning cars, like honda civics. These cars though need lots of colorful wire loom,painted dash parts,skull head shift knobs,and wings to make them faster.
Rich: I'm gonna drive to ohio to summit to get some parts for my truck, because no ordinary parts will do for my old K1500. Like some rancho"s, just thinkin of that summit store gives me wood!

Tool: True dat,I know the feel'in. I was just there gettin some stuff for my 89 civic!

Scott: So you two assholes esp. rich, just summitized your junk rides. Its like trying to polish a terd, or better yet flushing money down the toilet!
by TV CAR March 17, 2010
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Summit in a small town located in New Jersey. Most people think of it as snobby and stuck up, as a resident of Summit I can see why. I attend Summit High School and we get everything we want. If we want some money we just ask our parents are they will just hand it over to us. We study hard during the week but on the weekends we don't remember what happens. Every weekend there are at least 5 parties going on. Everyone sleeps with everyone. The guys are all assholes and the girls are all skanks. Most of the kids at my school spend money on alcohol and drugs. Most of our parents know what we do and they don't really care as long as we don't embarrass our families then everything is okay. Don't get me wrong we aren't burn outs. We all get into very good colleges and our sport teams are amazing. This year in 2009 we won state championships for Lacrosse against Delbarton. Our football team is also doing very well. Most of us that matter in this town are very wealthy. Our dads are Partners at many large banks on wallstreet. To say your house value is less than $1.5 million is a little embarrassing. For our 17th birthdays most of us get new cars..they range from Jeeps to BMW's. A lot of other towns hate us and we know it and we all accept it. We know they are all just jealous that they can't live in a town like Summit....that basically sums up the town of Summit New Jersey
(at a party in Summit)
Guy: Hey are you Single?
Girl: No, but my boyfriend is out of town.
Guy: lets go upstairs.
Girl: okay
by lizzy97 November 17, 2009
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Summit- A slang for something, actually, its a native slang for something, comming all the way from Thompson Manitoba
So, you wanna go down my pants or summit?
So you wanna go driving around or summit?
by David July 5, 2004
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the epitome of the 70's, sex, drugs and rock and roll. This town breeds athletes and weed. The money that passes through this town is more than some chatham kid is worth. This town is definetly the at the top, hence the name.
Check the scoreboard of every lacrosse game
by B.E.Z April 20, 2005
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