A climaxing penis that erupts with enough semen to flood New Orleans.
Or an ice cream parlor for yuppy white NJ people.
She was hot and sweaty so I

took her to Magic Fountain for a sweet and nutty treat
by OhMG February 25, 2014
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When you stretch a woman's asshole so that its as wide as a dinner plate, and then fill it with milk and fruit loops, or the cereal of your choice. The woman then tenses her asshole, making the milk and cereal squirt out like a fountain, hence the name.

Eating the cereal afterwards is optional.
Oi Divya, I totally did the magical fountain with Sarah yesterday! Ate the cereal afterwards aswell!
by arunandzedlikecock May 6, 2015
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When a male ejaculates in another's (male or female) butthole. Then the recipent of the ejaculate will shake the sperm in his/her butthole for exactly 39 seconds. The recipent will then shoot out the sperm onto the toe of a baby. It is best when the baby is under 6 months.

Optional: You may then cook the baby.
Hey dude! I just got the best Magic Fountain Ride from Nick the other night! O and that baby was delicous.
by Matt Harry March 30, 2008
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