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Full of sticks up asses. Joints are lit, alcohol is consumed like its from the fountain of youth, and daddy's money is spent like it grows off trees. Well, here, it practically does. Full of preps, and then the antis. People trying to pull off the Anticrombie order, but that doesnt count, you 'rebels'. Your train station is a major hub station for drug dealers. Parents out of town? You know how to party. Too bad you cant remember when you do because wasted is a prime vocab word. Surprisingly, the school is still ranked very high in the state. You sure know how to keep your liquor.
The kid was able to party every weekend, steal his parents liquor, and have sex like he was paid (although he probably was), and he was still able to pull off an A- on all his exams.
by Johann Gutenburg February 21, 2005
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A school in North New Jersey famous for Magic Fountain, sports, and parties.

Most people there are pretty rich and act full of themselves. Almost every single student plays a sport and if you don't you immediately don't have friends unless you are in theater or some music shit. Everyone acts really fake are always trying to start drama with each other. There is at least one big party every weekend as an excuse to get drunk and high. Girls think posting pictures of them being "edgy" on vsco is cool when it just makes them seem desperate for attention. Boys think acting like dicks will get them laid more. If you don't have over 500 followers on instagram you have no friends. No one follows any of the school rules. Sports games are fun to go to, especially hockey. There are only two dances per year, semi and prom. Only two things happen at semi: grinding and ice cream. The musicals are really good and they get more awards than the sports teams. All the seniors either drive Jeeps or BMWs. Vaping has become as normal as breathing. Most students get into expensive colleges because their parents also went there or they have a full ride for sports. Non AP classes are jokes. Teachers either don't give a fuck or will beat your ass for not doing your homework. Overall, Summit high school isn't terrible, but sometimes I would rather be literally anywhere else.
Summit High School students group DMing on instagram
"Hey there's a party tomorrow night"
"Awesome! Take a picture of me vaping so I can post it on vsco!"
by big ood March 17, 2018
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A stuck up school filled with assholes that. Think there all that. They all have Daddy’s money and don’t get a fuck about school. If your parents have money or if your super popular you can do what you want! The Administration think they can do whatever they want. Some how the school is rate #1 in the state. How Are we the best school when we have one person in ever grade pregnant. When parents are out of town? They know how to party
Summit high school is drunk
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by Anatomists April 24, 2018
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The greatest school there is. Unlike many other schools we have grown the tolerance to be able to have fun on the weekends and yet be able to achieve more than most schools. We get into good colleges and the majority of kids live wealthy successful lives. Nearyby schools are often jealous and it is not their fault. It is hard not to hate the town that has the best parties, education, and sports. So for those of you who do not like Summit High School, it is not our faults you suck at life
John Corzine went to Summit High School and was a C student. Now a multi-millionaire and our state senator.
by WeAreBetter January 31, 2005
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A school in New Jersey. Don't send your kids there if you want them to have a good education.
Lindsey thought her son would love her because of the great education he got by being sent to Summit High School, but instead her son hated her for the rest of her life.
by Lilac132123 February 28, 2011
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