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Here is a term born from the wonderful people at summit racing. The people who love summit and think it is all that, and all good things for cars and trucks come from summit. Here is an example of how a "Tool's" brain works: dude I just went to summit and bought a cool air intake,splitfire plugs,accel coil,a k&n filter,hypertech chip,low temp stat,and headers w/daul exhaust for my 94 K1500. Now my piece of shit truck w/200k+ miles will go form 225hp to like 300+ hp, so in order to keep all that power under control I'm gonna need rancho shocks,rear sway bar,energy suspension bushings and some mickey thompson tires. This practice is also very common with small rice burning cars, like honda civics. These cars though need lots of colorful wire loom,painted dash parts,skull head shift knobs,and wings to make them faster.
Rich: I'm gonna drive to ohio to summit to get some parts for my truck, because no ordinary parts will do for my old K1500. Like some rancho"s, just thinkin of that summit store gives me wood!

Tool: True dat,I know the feel'in. I was just there gettin some stuff for my 89 civic!

Scott: So you two assholes esp. rich, just summitized your junk rides. Its like trying to polish a terd, or better yet flushing money down the toilet!
by TV CAR March 17, 2010
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