That stare you get if you're at a party or social gathering and and you say something rediculously stupid or a"party foul" and everyone turns and looks at you with a serious face and you just feel stupid
Dude 1: Hey man I think I just crapped my pants(as a joke)
Dude 2(and everyone else at the party): ......The Stare....
by D33ZI3 BABI3 August 14, 2010
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When one of homosexuality or bisexuality have a short or lingering stare that is neither awkward nor inviting. This may occur between all sorts of genders including straight people within the different contexts. One may just look one's way and get caught in a gaze. Trust me when you do "the stare" you will know it. It's like a calling card without words or sounds, but a flirtation of the eyes so subtle that it's almost transparent. Usually done between two people who are in the closet which almost inevitably result in them finding each other. If someone in the closet does the stare with a straight person, usually negative reactions are implied.
Mark: I think Jimmy is gay, or at least bisexual
John: How do you know?

Mark: We did the stare in chem today
John: ohhhhh....
by Ray1692 December 16, 2013
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When one becomes vacant during an activity and appears to be staring off into space

The stares occur due to a lack of interest in the local environment, activity or people due to too much self interest and the attention span of a stoned butterfly that flunked out of butterfly primary school in the 3rd grade for licking bus windows instead of innuendo laden flower parts.
NotaBogan: ...It means a lot to me; I cant even begin to tell you how much of a difference this could make ...are you even listening?

ABogan4sure: Umm, what?, sorry Bogan I must have had the stares

NotaBogan: Well thank you for making me feel less than random yet again

ABogan4sure: Oh harden the fuck up and stop being a bogan

NotaBogan: I am so sorry that you have done something to hurt me again and blamed me for it. How could I be so thoughtless as to have feelings.

ABogan4sure: I dont have the energy for this any more

NotaBogan: You are truly the most Awesome friend

The example above may appear a tad random and ‘NotaBogan’ may also appear to be over-reacting somewhat; however, repeated episodes of the stares do tend to add up and become rather annoying (refer: Tracey Smiff)

Wednesday 05/11/2008
by Luke Warm December 19, 2008
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A guys resault of a very very bad attempt to check a girl out until the girl looks up and sees the guy staring. Then he looks away and she wonders why he was staring at her.
Friend: "I saw him staring at you again"
GIlr: "I wonder why!?!?!"
by totally klutz May 18, 2009
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To continuously look at someone/thing for a while; considered rude.
Darren: That kid with the giant glasses was staring at me throughout the entire performance! Man, I should have slugged him in the stomach right there!

Tom: Everyone was looking at you. You had toilet paper on your shoe.
by Diggity Monkeez February 12, 2005
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something that guys do a lot. can be done if they see someone really hot, or if they see someone fugly and want to laugh at them. at first it's kinda annoying, but then you get used to it. people who stare too much should get their eyes poked out.
before, I used to be really uncomfortable when someone would stare at me. now, I really don't care.
by BlasianSensation October 24, 2004
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