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well seeing as my first definition didn't make sense. A rebelo is a person who is more rebel than rules, but will follow the rules where otherwise it would be very foolish not to. They are individual, people with their own style.
Girl:I know my boundaries, I'm a rebelo.
by roxy February 2, 2005
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More rebel than rules, but rebel enough to be a rebel. This person will follow rules as it would be stupid not to. Usually rebelo's are very individual and dont follow the crowd(most of the time).
Guy1:Wow, that girl's amazing,she's so individual.
Guy2:Yeah, she's a rebelo
Guy1:Wicked, at least she knows her boundaries
by roxy February 1, 2005
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A dumb person,a person that has ignorance and no reality of life.
a shmo thinks life is revoled around
A man named sam thought it would be funny to make fun of a over wieght girl named sally,so he did, and made her cry a few times,he was the guy that gave her low selfrespect,lack of confidence and eventually pushed her to take her own life.>suicide<
by roxy November 5, 2003
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An amazingly great bad with educating and meaningful lyrics. Often associated with getting your Green Day hit everyday, often someone isn't truly with it/awake/living if they haven't had theire Green Day hit/fix.
Yo Dude, I haven't had my Green Day fix yet........Ah, thats better.
by roxy February 1, 2005
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A totally insane kick ass band. They don't get much better then FOB.
"Dude! i just got tickets to a FALL OUT BOY concert!! woooooaaah!"
by roxy May 29, 2004
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Somebody who does crack regulary and gets addicted. Thus becoming a crackhead.
Mr. Angell is SUCH a crackhead!
by roxy January 11, 2005
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Charva are opposite of hippie un goths (the lil scruffs) better then them. We like our drink as well; carling lager only the wannabes drink the white lighting and lambrini (euch!). New monkey is popular aswell; fukin class! People are only against us cos we've got money, kna how to live, have more fun and dress better then most e.g. hippies and goths wear baggy trouserswith rips in, dirt on bit trailing off the bottem.
course we wear rockports, henri loyds, fred perry; cos we got money to splash around. ROCKPORTS are a need like, i've got 6 pairs myself. You can always tell from wannabes charvs! We can also stick up for ourselfs, i'e' fightin if need so, especially with hippie now.
by roxy December 15, 2003
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