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To do something obscene or kinky that isnt able to be said delicately.
"You make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor"
by roxy August 02, 2004
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Somebody who does crack regulary and gets addicted. Thus becoming a crackhead.
Mr. Angell is SUCH a crackhead!
by Roxy January 11, 2005
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someone who thinks they may be bisexual but has not taken part in acts of same sex so cannot be labelled bisexual
I haven't had sex with a girl but I find them attractive so I'm bicurious
by Roxy November 02, 2005
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1.Of, relating to, or located in a city.

2.Characteristic of the city or city life.
Self explainitory...
by Roxy September 20, 2003
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something my roomate does alot
she stares at me when i brush my teeth...its freaky...
by roxy January 21, 2003
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Phrase to tell some one to calm down if getting angry or annoyed, or to tell someone to take a well needed break.
Often used even if the user is in the wrong.

Used a lot in my house when I was younger, and now greeted with puzzlement if I use it outside knowing people.
A: i do all the work around here, get off your arse!
B: Alright, alright, chill your beans.

A:I've been working so hard today.
B:Take a break man, chill your beans.
by Roxy April 20, 2006
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A dumb person,a person that has ignorance and no reality of life.
a shmo thinks life is revoled around
A man named sam thought it would be funny to make fun of a over wieght girl named sally,so he did, and made her cry a few times,he was the guy that gave her low selfrespect,lack of confidence and eventually pushed her to take her own life.>suicide<
by roxy November 04, 2003
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