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1. Something that is used to assist with the modification of an object or situation.

2. Something that is used to create or destroy.

3. Slang synonym for the males sexual reproduction whatsit.

4. Someone who does seemingly silly things; often used as a term of endearment, but not always!
I am a tool because I have been used to:
Improve someones ego;
Distract them from the mediocrity of their own existance;
Make someone else jealous;
To improve someones elses relationship (how bizarre);
To get them a valentines day present (this year)

For love.
For happiness.
For laughter.

To do everything for them, and in return:
To accept all of the guilt.
To hold all of the pain.
To take all of the blame.
(It was never a game).

A good tradesman respects his tools!!

A Hammer is a tool both used to create and to destroy.

My penis is a somewhat rusty tool I must admit (only from lack of use!!).

I hit my penis with a hammer while making pancakes (as you do)
That sure modified the fuck out of both the objects involved and the situation:
I created a lot of pain
I destroyed the pancake batter (all over the floor), and my willy - must admit i chipped a bit off of the hammer handle too!!

I hit my tool with a tool; I am such a tool

I do not regret being a tool - my penis however has a somewhat different (slanted) view on the subject

Sunday 02/11/2008
by Luke Warm December 19, 2008
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Exercise your rights or you are just another norm
We all have the right to:

1. Make our own choices.
2. Not be controlled by those who believe they are superior to us because they earn the money and pay the bills.
3. Be in control of our destinies (although we must listen to the universe when she calls).
4. Privacy, even from those we believe love us (When someone loves you they respect your privacy).
5. To dream, to hope for a better future for ourselves and for those that we love.
6. Forgive and be forgiven (true love does not require forgiveness).
7. Be understood and to understand ourselves (to understand ourselves we must first be honest with ourselves - Refer: Choice
8. To be happy (Refer: point 2)
9. To be able to tell the one you love that you love her while you are making love to her without fearing that she will never speak to you again.
10. To not be stoned everytime she is willing to love you.
11. To be able to hold her in your arms after sharing so much.
12. Give of ourselves freely; to not be told to follow the rules of Bogans.
13. Be respected; to be helped to find ourselves again when we are lost. (those who love you, will sacrifice everything to help you. Those who only say they love you, do not care enough to show you the respect that you deserve.
14. Follow our hearts and not our minds.
15. Take a risk even when there never was one.
16. Not be blackmailed by those we have become dependant on. - example: When you come home after an amazing day and they are sitting on the edge of the bed with their suitcases packed telling you they are going to leave - that is blackmail. It also suggests that they are willing to risk losing you.
That they do not respect your intelligence and are more than willing to exploit your gullibility.
Just in case you are wondering - if they were going to leave, they would have already left.
The dilemma for you in this situation is that you do not have time to make a choice even if you tell the one who really loves you, that you did have to make a choice.
17. Love and be loved.
by Luke Warm August 26, 2008
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When one becomes vacant during an activity and appears to be staring off into space

The stares occur due to a lack of interest in the local environment, activity or people due to too much self interest and the attention span of a stoned butterfly that flunked out of butterfly primary school in the 3rd grade for licking bus windows instead of innuendo laden flower parts.
NotaBogan: ...It means a lot to me; I cant even begin to tell you how much of a difference this could make ...are you even listening?

ABogan4sure: Umm, what?, sorry Bogan I must have had the stares

NotaBogan: Well thank you for making me feel less than random yet again

ABogan4sure: Oh harden the fuck up and stop being a bogan

NotaBogan: I am so sorry that you have done something to hurt me again and blamed me for it. How could I be so thoughtless as to have feelings.

ABogan4sure: I dont have the energy for this any more

NotaBogan: You are truly the most Awesome friend

The example above may appear a tad random and ‘NotaBogan’ may also appear to be over-reacting somewhat; however, repeated episodes of the stares do tend to add up and become rather annoying (refer: Tracey Smiff)

Wednesday 05/11/2008
by Luke Warm December 19, 2008
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Imagine this senario:
You assertively walk into another room, you are focused, you have a purpose. People stop and stare because they can see you are not taking silver; small animals scurry with fervour away from your approaching footsteps; the clock ticks one last time....
You enter the room, you have reached your destination, the treasure is almost within your grasp; you can almost taste it, you want it oh so bad.
But then...
You have absolutely no idea what you were looking for or why you got off of your hot arse in the first place.

You retrace your steps; try ever so hard to remember what you were even doing, and just keep drawing blanks.
You have just experienced 'The Wanders'
Sandy: What are you looking for Bella?
Bella: Huh?
Sandy: Fair enough
Bella: Sorry boganface, just got the wanders
Sandy: It happens; maybe if you smoke a few Jades you will remember what the fuck you were looking for
Bella: Nah, i got it now; have you seen my lilac dolphin dildo?
Sandy: Ummm... yeah, Im keeping it warm for you
Bella: You are a sick fuck Sandy; definately time for treasure now
by Luke Warm September 5, 2008
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A beautiful spirit who sucks the souls out of men while they sleep
Bella, my soul was always yours from before time.
you are not a Succubus; you have claimed what is rightfully yours and i gave it freely.
by Luke Warm August 20, 2008
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A term used to describe what everyone should do. whether it be your own or someone elses: we must all 'Love the Cock' - you know its true (would I lie to you?)
Oh my god I love the cock, gimme more

She does not love the cock enough

mmm... cock
by Luke Warm August 15, 2008
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1. Not hot

2. uninspiring
Its so luke warm here right now
by Luke Warm July 4, 2008
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