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Kelly knocked his beer out of his hand. What a party foul.
by Stroll June 28, 2004
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Something that goes wrong at a party.

Often when someone spills or breaks or drops something at a party (often resulting in a mess or general spectacle), or when someone does something embarassing or dumb.

Usually accompanied by someone actually yelling, "Party Foul!" while everyone else laughs because they're drunk.
** Jake drops beer and spills it all over the floor.

by ninja girl June 28, 2004
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1. An action committed by an individual, either on purpose or not, that goes against the feel of the party or bar atmosphere.
2. To spill an alcoholic drink.
1. Going to a costume party with no costume
2. "Shit, you got that all over me. Party foul."
by B-flip and Skeet June 29, 2004
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1. A mistake at a party e.g. someone stepping on someone elses foot, somebody bumping into people, somebody spilling beer everwhere, accidental cigarette burn, or when someone fumbles the pipe.
"Did you see the way they dropped me on that last kegstand? Major partyfoulers they are."
by Sean McReynolds February 03, 2004
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A moment during a social gathering when one does something embarrassing and/or stupid.
"Dude, I just spilled my drink all over Sarah's lap!"

"Wow..major party foul."
by Whaaaat?! January 04, 2009
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when someone fucks up at a party by dropping beer or breaking something or falling.
::drops beer::

everyone: "Party Foul!"
by sk September 07, 2003
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