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A guys resault of a very very bad attempt to check a girl out until the girl looks up and sees the guy staring. Then he looks away and she wonders why he was staring at her.
Friend: "I saw him staring at you again"
GIlr: "I wonder why!?!?!"
by totally klutz May 18, 2009
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When someone keeps looking at you so u decide to fuck them up.
I was staring at this girls ass for long time.
by Young street nigga March 12, 2017
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Her "Stop staring at my ass!"

Hym "Sorry but no. If I like your ass; I just am going to look at sometimes. I'm really just not going to be able to help myslef. The aesthetic of your bottom pleases me."

Hym Iam "If I don't get to tell you who you can and can't fuck then you do not get to tell me what I can and can't look at. You can look at my ass as much as you want. It's called freedom and equality. I know it sucks."
by Hym Iam January 17, 2019
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