1) Phrase whose meaning could be paraphrased as: "stop being a fucking pussy and act like you have a fucking pair of balls" (or something to that effect). Often used in sports.

2) A black wristband made in Australia.
1) Jim was whining because his pinky hurt and he was cold, so Bob told him to harden the fuck up.

2) Team CSC all wore black "harden the fuck up" wristbands during the 2007 Tour de France.
by craig78436 October 22, 2007
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Through the Mouth Of Chopper Reed
Comes the Great Australian Word
harden the fuck up! meaning grow balls
get soem fucking balls grow a pussy
you panzy and so on the phrase was
used int eh ronnie johns half hour
as a comieidiec slang for those who
need to get some!
This is stefan his name is stefan
harden the fuck up stefan!
by Loserer802j3r890krge December 8, 2007
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Get tougher psychically or/and mentally. Get stronger.
- Its raining outside man. We can't do our cardio.
- OH YEAH BABY! Bring it ON! We gon train in the rain! Momma ain't raised no bitch! Harden the fuck up!
by Mothafuckin retard March 5, 2018
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