Whatever a person considers Holy, precious, in high esteem/regard, to be revered at all cost, devoted to, deeply respected, unbroken, dear to the heart.
My recovery from drug~using is Sacred to me, as well to a lesser degree, my family & friends & even sleep!
by Starchylde July 11, 2016
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"Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say "Ni!" at will to old ladies. There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred."
by asddsa February 06, 2010
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When you are scared, but you are in a place and sacred of ordering or telling someone what you want.
I'm sacred of ordering at Starbucks.
Why are you sacred of big spaces?
by godiebish April 23, 2019
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The Ointment Chris Sabat likes to apply during his casting couches
Stephanie: No Chris! Keep your Sacred Ointment away from me!
by Anime Boobies September 08, 2019
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A phrase commonly used when something respectable is fucked up, or something innocent has been made disgusting.
"Apparently people make porn of the new Sonic movie"
"Damn, nothing is sacred."
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