When something happens that is peak or unlucky so you say "sad times" to acknowledge this.
David: "I just dropped my pizza on the floor"
Fred: "sad times, man"
by ☺️🔫🔫 April 9, 2018
something that is very deep or depressing
christianna: "I forgot to watch the new miraculous episode"
samah: "sad times"
by magicalskies24 September 18, 2019
1. When one's weiner is not played with by one or more parties; The opposite of 'Weiner fun time'.
2. When one's weiner is handled by another party without satisfaction
1. Tiffany and her friend didn't touch it last night, it was weiner sad time.
2. Tiffany was so awful with hand-stuff and mouth-stuff I had to tell her to stop, it was weiner sad time.
3. I was too drunk to get it up for Tiffany and I had weiner sad time.
by J_akespeare July 15, 2011
When something happens that is mildly upsetting or annoying, and so times are sad at the El Royale hotel
"Hey man how you been?"
"Not great, the wife left and she took the kids"
"Sad times at the El Royale"
"Fuck you, this is serious"
by Divvy the Tree September 6, 2020
A time spent laughing your pathetic life. You are so depressed, that it's funny and your sadness turns into a good time, hence the name.
"Me and Nicole just sat in my car and cracked up about how pathetic we were."
"It sounds like you had fun."
"No, it was a sad good time."
by Sara Keith November 23, 2008
When your girl is leaving to go on vacation and you get sad and depressed...
“Bob: u wanna hangout the 29th.”
“Sarah: no I’m going to South Carolina.”
“Bob: me having sad boi times.”
by Sydney.girl92419 May 30, 2020
A woman's period of menstruation. Also known as SUT. This is a more accurate description.
Ani was depressed and having cramps, because she was having the Sad Uterus Time.
by Farabee September 10, 2011