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A fatal disease, like black plague or bubonic plague
Alotta people have died since the pestilence known as SARS has entered the world
by George Chikko June 26, 2003
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A common trap integrated into archways, but also a usable spell for spirits. Creates an extremely toxic gas capable of stripping a human to the bones in seconds.
He didn't open the door for fear of triggering the Pestilence.
by Kwing October 28, 2009
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part of the act of seduction/ flirting, usually occurring during the initial stages. It is the process by which one improves his/her image as seen by others. there are multiple forms of pestilence; core pestilence(directed at those you wish to seduce, also know as the target), friend pestilence(directed at the friends of the target), mother pestilence(directed at the mother of the target).

Pestilence is commonly refereed to as being poured, i.e pouring pestilence.

A pestilence party is the large scale pouring of friend pestilence, which can occur with or without the target being present.
Example 1:
Friend 1: jeez i poured some great pestilence there last night!!

Friend 2: so your in mate, you'll have her in no time!

Example 2:

Guy "pours friend pestilence". The friends of the target think he/she is really nice and recommends him/her to the target.
by King Dingdong May 01, 2010
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