9 definitions by BigBoiLeague A

Something so toxic that when you inhale it you will die. The worst part is that his farts are silent but deadly that means you wont know he farted until it is too late. If Kairu says he farted just accept your fate and die to the fart.
Example of Kairu's Farts:
Guys run Kairu farted its gonna go nuclear.
Guys if Kairu farts run for you lives.
by BigBoiLeague A May 30, 2019
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A fake girlfriend who is mega gassy , mostly liked by Persian guys who play football and have mono-brows. People who like Moghaddasi's names usually start with A
Do you see that pretty Moghaddasi so beautiful, why does that guy beside her have a mono-brow?
Also another example:
Moghaddasi more like Mega-Gassy
by BigBoiLeague A May 28, 2019
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Worse than a loser. Compared to HomeTownSlice a NegativeSlice is a peasant. They are the biggest p**sy. They have no friends and no life.
I'm too good for you NegativeSlice just go F*** yourself.
by BigBoiLeague A May 27, 2019
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Its a massive nose that is almost like a living entity. If you see it you might die or you might just throw up because it is just that ugly but if someone every yells Aria is coming run because you don't want to risk it.
Wow that guy has a huge nose, yeah its almost as big as Aria's nose. No way Aria's nose is massive it's bigger than the universe.
by BigBoiLeague A May 28, 2019
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A big loser who is brown and doesn't like life, and therefore makes life miserable for everyone around her. She is the most useless person in the world but is naturally smart. She is also very ugly and when you look at her it is liking looking at Medusa. Her face is so ugly that she should be sent into battlefields to mentally torture the enemies that see her.

You never know true terror until you look an Ashikka in the face.
Guy 1: Hey there's an Ashikka

Guy 2: Dude stop looking we need to run

Guy 1: It's too late for me, go save yourself

Guy 2: I swear one day I will avenge you
by BigBoiLeague A June 03, 2021
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A cool person everyone should respect them. They have the power to decide who is HomeTownSlice, NegativeSlice, BigBoiLeague,Etc.
Bow down to BigBoiLeague you NegativeSlice.
by BigBoiLeague A May 27, 2019
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