A motorist that drives at the posted speed limit or very close to it.

If we consider an observational reference frame at the posted speed limit, these motorists traveling at the posted speed limit are effectively stationary.

On larger roads, these "pylons" can be easily navigated around by any real drivers (motorists that travel safely while well above the posted speed limit).
On the road, there are two types of people:
Drivers, and pylons.
by malarky2020 December 14, 2009
an inanimate object lacking enough intelligance to get off the road during Harley rushour.
The pylon was to busy playing with his fuckstick to see the oncoming traffic.
by FuckStick February 27, 2004
If said, the person must be beat on. Etymology is unknown, but guessed cos the word "Pylon" appears to be similar to the phrase "pile on," which depicts a single person being trampled by body slams continuously. If somebody says "pylon," beat them. Simple as that.
Player 1: "Pylon"
Audience beats Player 1 with a fury of charlie horses, elbows to the head, teet squeezes, or any other physical affliction of pain that does not involve punching them out/in the face.
by supernakedparty April 14, 2008
Warning. Don’t get in the way of a pylon doing it’s job. You’ll get electrocuted.
“Let’s go climb those metallic structures that hum.”
“No, it’s dangerous. Let pylons be pylons, man.”
by BennyBenny July 10, 2019
Something you must construct. For you must always construct additional pylons. But be sure that you have enough minerals. You cannot construct additional pylons without enough minerals.

Here's a step-by-step instruction guide to constructing additional pylons.

1) Mine 100 minerals
2) Construct additional pylon
3) Repeat process
by Additional August 25, 2007
A single pylon from the game Starcraft 2 that is the sole pylon powering 2 or more protoss structures.
Man that terran really only needs to attack the Artosis Pylon to essentially win this game.
by Imjorman May 17, 2011