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Holding materialism and conspicuous consumption in very low regard. Pronounced "A-materialistic", like "asexual". Because "antimaterialism" was taken (it means something religious).
Doug - There are plenty of great women out there, but I just can't take a woman seriously if I see she has Coach shoes, or if she has Prada or D&G sunglasses.

Walter - Pussy is pussy, dude.

Doug - I know, I'm just amaterialistic.
by malarky2020 October 1, 2009
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Special fuel that causes manual transmission vehicles to travel in short spurts, stopping and starting intermittently. Coincidentally, the true power of kangaroo petrol can only be unlocked by drivers with little experience driving manual transmission vehicles.
Louie - Gee Walters, looks like there's too much kangaroo petrol in that there gas tank for you to handle.

Officer Walters - Then we'll tow it. Either way, we're repossessing all your stuff.

Louie - I swear; she told me she was 18.
by malarky2020 February 23, 2010
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A small wad of toilet paper or tissue jammed up one's nose in order to prevent the nose from dripping. Often used against a running nose during a cold or flu, or against a bleeding nose. The nasal tampon protected the nose from damage by eliminating the need for repeated wiping.

Nasal tampons are left in all day, or until full, and are often used inconspicuously, just like the real thing.
Doctor Acula - Well, Andrew, your prostrate is clean, but I need to talk to you about something. Sit down.

Andrew - Oh no, what's up?

Doctor Acula - There seems to be some kind of growth in your nose; we think it might be cancerous. Here, take a look at this X-Ray.

Andrew - Oh, that. That's just my nasal tampon. My nose kept dripping onto my xbox controller.

Doctor Acula - Get out of my office.
by malarky2020 March 29, 2010
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Sections of hardcore / metalcore / deathcore songs which are rhythmically appropriate for most forms of hardcore dancing (mosh), but not appropriate for two-stepping. In order to be rhythmically appropriate, the music must conform to the following requirements:

1. Tempo: Breakdowns are characterized by tempos in the 65 bpm - 70 bpm range, but also spanning from 50 bpm (double breakdown), to 90 bpm (fast breakdown / stomp breakdown).

2. Content: Breakdowns are further characterized by strong emphasis on rhythm, snares on the 2nd & 4th quarter notes, cymbals on either eighth notes or quarter notes, and kick drum patterns which accent the often staccato guitar playing. Many modifications to this formula can be made (displaced snares, melody), but these modifications tend to detract from the maximum impact of the breakdown.

Because these two requirements must be satisfied, entire songs can be breakdowns, and do not need to contain any fast parts. As well, many slow sections of songs of these genres are not breakdowns, because they do not meet the content requirements.
Pantera is generally recognized as the originator of the breakdown, as featured at approximately 3:52 of "Domination" off Cowboys from Hell. Today, this part of Domination would be recognized as an "old school" breakdown, and only the old timers would hardcore dance to it.
by malarky2020 October 14, 2009
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A media & software hoarder. A person who's bandwidth, storage space, and desire to acquire intellectual property greatly exceed their ability or availability to enjoy even a small percentage of it.

Not to be confused with the typical obsessive collector: the acquisitionist distinguishes his or herself by having enough media to require several human lifetimes to even watch / play / listen to it all.
Maxwell: Hey Jorge, want to come over to my house and hang out? I just bought five new terabyte drives and I've already loaded them up with 1000 new movies, the entire N64, PS1, PS2 and Game Cube catalogs, the Virgin music catalog, and 10,000 hours of porn.

Jorge: Ok, I guess that might be alright. Hey how's your daughter doing? I hear she's started walking?

Maxwell: I wouldn't actually know; I'm an acquisitionist now; I tend to spend every waking hour downloading.

Jorge: Look, I've got to be somewhere.
by malarky2020 October 19, 2009
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Celebrated each November 5th, Back to the Future Day is our opportunity to recognize Doc Brown's discovery of the Flux Capacitor, the device that makes time travel possible. Back to the Future Day is celebrated by wishing everyone a Happy Back to the Future Day, and updating your social media networks statuses accordingly.

On November 5th, 1955, Dr. Emmet Lathrop Brown (Doc Brown to his friends), was attempting to hang a clock in his bathroom. As he reached over, he lost his footing , slipped from the toilet that he was standing on, and struck his head against the side of the sink.

Unconscious, Doc had a vision. And that vision was that of a Flux Capacitor — the device that makes time travel possible.

Requiring 1.21 gigawatts of electrical power and to be moving at a speed of 88 mph (142 km/h) the Flux Capacitor allows one to move forward or backwards in time.

Dr. Emmet Brown, on this day in history, we salute you, and remember your red letter date in the history of science!
Back to the Future Day: The Origin Story
Dr. Emmett Brown: Then tell me, "Future Boy", who's President in the United States in 1985?
Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan.
Dr. Emmett Brown: Ronald Reagan? The actor? Then who's VICE-President? Jerry Lewis? I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady!
Marty McFly: Whoa! Wait! Doc!
Dr. Emmett Brown: And Jack Benny is Secretary of the Treasury.
Marty McFly: Doc, you gotta listen to me.
Dr. Emmett Brown: I've had enough practical jokes for one evening. Good night, Future Boy!
Marty McFly: No, wait! Doc. Doc. The-the-the bruise - the bruise on your head. I know how that happened! You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet, and you were hanging a clock, and you fell, and you hit your head on the sink. And that's when you came up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor... Which... is what makes time travel possible....
by malarky2020 November 5, 2009
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Like an oral fixation, but for gore. An obsession for gory movies.
Gary - Man, I think that Sammy has a goral fixation; all he wants to do all day is watch scary movies.

Wilma - Gary, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't try to tell me how to raise my children. Regardless, I'm sure he'll grow out of it by the time he turns 7.
by malarky2020 November 13, 2009
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