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A small wad of toilet paper or tissue jammed up one's nose in order to prevent the nose from dripping. Often used against a running nose during a cold or flu, or against a bleeding nose. The nasal tampon protected the nose from damage by eliminating the need for repeated wiping.

Nasal tampons are left in all day, or until full, and are often used inconspicuously, just like the real thing.
Doctor Acula - Well, Andrew, your prostrate is clean, but I need to talk to you about something. Sit down.

Andrew - Oh no, what's up?

Doctor Acula - There seems to be some kind of growth in your nose; we think it might be cancerous. Here, take a look at this X-Ray.

Andrew - Oh, that. That's just my nasal tampon. My nose kept dripping onto my xbox controller.

Doctor Acula - Get out of my office.
by malarky2020 March 29, 2010
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The sexual act of inserting a human head into a vagina. Because the terms "skullfuck" and "mindfuck" are already taken.
Dude, I totally saw this Youtube video where some chick gave Emmanuel Lewis the Siberian headlock.
by malarky2020 September 26, 2009
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Sections of hardcore / metalcore / deathcore songs which are rhythmically appropriate for most forms of hardcore dancing (mosh), but not appropriate for two-stepping. In order to be rhythmically appropriate, the music must conform to the following requirements:

1. Tempo: Breakdowns are characterized by tempos in the 65 bpm - 70 bpm range, but also spanning from 50 bpm (double breakdown), to 90 bpm (fast breakdown / stomp breakdown).

2. Content: Breakdowns are further characterized by strong emphasis on rhythm, snares on the 2nd & 4th quarter notes, cymbals on either eighth notes or quarter notes, and kick drum patterns which accent the often staccato guitar playing. Many modifications to this formula can be made (displaced snares, melody), but these modifications tend to detract from the maximum impact of the breakdown.

Because these two requirements must be satisfied, entire songs can be breakdowns, and do not need to contain any fast parts. As well, many slow sections of songs of these genres are not breakdowns, because they do not meet the content requirements.
Pantera is generally recognized as the originator of the breakdown, as featured at approximately 3:52 of "Domination" off Cowboys from Hell. Today, this part of Domination would be recognized as an "old school" breakdown, and only the old timers would hardcore dance to it.
by malarky2020 October 14, 2009
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Like an oral fixation, but for gore. An obsession for gory movies.
Gary - Man, I think that Sammy has a goral fixation; all he wants to do all day is watch scary movies.

Wilma - Gary, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't try to tell me how to raise my children. Regardless, I'm sure he'll grow out of it by the time he turns 7.
by malarky2020 November 13, 2009
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(v.) to fill an entire bar, form, or part with kick drum, played rapidly and without variation.

Power Metal as a genre often uses songs entirely composed of flooding.

While flooding can be interesting when used in moderation, it is often relied upon by less skilled drummers to make their playing sound either heavier or faster.
Zack - I think we might need to fire Kevin. We write really great parts, but he has a propensity to just flood through them all.

Marty - You should have figured, I mean your drummer is just an orangutan you stole from the zoo and taught to play drums.

Zack - Where else would we find a drummer that looks like Animal from the Muppets?
by malarky2020 December 17, 2009
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In driving, an open corridor without vehicles formed on a 6-lane freeway / highway in between the passing / fast lane and the exterior / slow lane. Typically occurs just prior to an off-ramp, as the cars move & line up in the exterior lane to get onto the off-ramp, and the balance of drivers move into the passing lane to avoid the congestion.

At this point, a driver can choose to "charge the gauntlet" or "run the gauntlet", by moving into the middle lane and accelerating quickly. This makes it too dangerous for other drivers to enter the lane, keeping it free and clear.
Michael - Geez, I thought we were going to be stuck in traffic for an hour. Good thing I got that opportunity to run the gauntlet; I passed at least 30 cars!

Thomas - Michael, if you ever steal my car again, you will not live to see your 15th birthday.

Michael - Yes Dad.
by malarky2020 December 14, 2009
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Grace & style. Deriving the greatest amount of benefit from the least amount of effort. Dedication to quality, not flash. That which elevates an action artistically, and separates a performance from that of a technically proficient caveman.
1. Eric Clapton, Slash, and Joe Satriani have touch. Steve Vai does not. George Harrison's lack of touch is particularly evident on Revolution, where he sounds like a dying cat.
2. Jet Li has touch; he always looks like he is moving very slowly, even when he is moving very fast. Jackie Chan cavemans it; he always looks like he is at the the very limit of his ability.
3. Peter Line has touch.
4. Most new rock climbers have no touch, especially muscular guys; they caveman routes and burn themselves out, while the more experience women outclimb them easily.
by malarky2020 September 16, 2009
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