Something I’m apparently a part of now?
Me: “I respectfully disagree with you but I want to still be on good terms despite our differing opinions”
Stupid person: “Ugh you are a part of the problem”
by DeiselSandwich July 8, 2020
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A very serious issue when your butthole itches, and you can't scratch it (because you're in public, on a date, at a party, etc)
You: Matthew, what is wrong? Why are you standing in that corner?
Matthew: Man, I got 'The Problem' real bad!
by The Awesomenator August 4, 2005
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Casual "you're welcome." As in "there's no need for thanks, it wasn't a hassle."
"Hey, thanks for giving me a ride!"
"Sure! No problem!"
by Julivee December 1, 2005
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Where EMS stands for Extra Marital Sex instead of Emergency Medical Services!
While doing a crossword puzzle with some friends...A friend says name me an eight letter word that ends in EMS. Without hesitation the local fire chief yells PROBLEMS! I didn't have them without EMS!
by 44431 October 27, 2011
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I not only have problems, I am problems.
by Ereck Flowers November 27, 2018
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A way of telling your boss, ''Fuck You'' without him knowing..
Boss ''Can you work Saturday''
Employee ''Sure,no problem''
by thefullronnie September 27, 2011
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circumstances resulting in a plethora of issues; often one problem that creates more and more problems
Were it not for their initial business plan to fall back on, the company would have suffered a dilemma far more problemous than any setback known to have effected procedures in the history of all companies.
by GL1BPHRASE November 26, 2018
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