P1: Yo, who’s this guy on your phone?
P2: Kim Namjoon, the king of Namkanda. *crosses arms* NAMKANDA FOREVER
by shelsan100 July 7, 2018
23 year old male from South Korean boy band, BTS. Rapper, leader, and brains of the group ( has IQ of 148) He also is fluent in the english language. He also has the nickname, "God of destuction" because he is so clumsy. Very down to earth when it comes to lyrics in various songs speaking of national problems to just liking a person.
" Did you see Kim Namjoon perform at the American Music Awards last night? Hes so hot"
by a$$ eat3t3r 101 December 3, 2017
An angel who is beautiful and has the deepest dimples known to man he needs to be showerd in love and proctected by all harm ☁️💗
"I wanna marry Kim Namjoon but 1.im not korean and 2. Hes older than me but ill find a way..."
by ;:;:;:; April 14, 2018
That’s it. That’s the definition
Anti: Kim namjoon is so Urgh
Army: if you don’t shut your gob then imma smack you right out of the universe and don’t ever come back
by Chogiwakid May 29, 2018
kim namjoon is the most handsome scrumptious man to exist in the universe the is a bomb ass leader and is thicc unlike you hoes...my mans namjoon isnt a snack not a side dish but a whole ass MEAL so before you hoes call him ugly talk to me and ill fuck u up so dont even try it hes livin his best life with his big dick and good proportions sooo stay pressed antis.
by joonieisabadbitch September 6, 2018
A God Like Creation that has the ability to be both adorable and sexy.
Kim Namjoon has me melting,
by bangtan c00ch February 19, 2019
he is:

- jungoo's no. 1
- a smol boi inside a tol man's body
- a person we must protecc
- namu
- a hot man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Have you seen BTS' new comeback trailer?"
;"Yasss, Pres. Kim Namjoon was so hot there!"