n. A sexual procedure that involves a hand(s), in the shape of a fist, and the vagina or buttocks.

vt. Sexual actions using the fist, your own or someone elses. Pumping the vagina or rectally with a fist. Also called Panzering.
"Darling, will you give me the Panzer tonight?"

"Honey, I could really use something larger tonight, give me the Panzer!"

"I say fair maiden, would you prefer a double-barrelled Panzer tonight?"
by ZimmFilmz August 28, 2005
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1.The German word for tank
2.Abreviation for PanzerKampfWagen or Armored Fighting Vehicle
Heinz Guderian believed that Panzers are important in modern warfare.
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1. German. Any heavily armoured military vehicle, or armour in general.

2. A very overweight person
1. Don't drink and drive your panzer, Fritz.

2. God, look at that panzer!
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004
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German for tank, and short for Panzerkampfwagen. German for armored combat vehicle. The word Panzer is used widely to refer to the many German tanks in World War II, with a total of 6 operational variants, Panzerkampfwagen I-VI. They were the Panzer I(light tank armed with 2 7.92mm MG), Panzer II(light tank, armed with 1 7.92 MG and 1 20mm cannon), Panzer III(light-medium tank, armed with 37mm cannon, 2 7.92mm MG), PAnzer IV (medium battle tank, armed with 75mm short barreled, 2 7.92 MG, later versions armed with long barrel 75mm cannon), Panzer V (aka Panther, armed with high-velocity 75mm, 2 7.92mm MG, considered to be one of the greatest engineering marvels of the war), Panzer VI (aka Tiger, armed with 88mm cannon, 2 7.92 MG, considered to be one of the most powerful tanks of the war; many tank crews often avoided engaging Tigers in the open, this was called "Tigerphobia"), and the Panzer Tiger II Konigstiger (aka King Tiger). These were Germany's main battle tanks from 1939-1945. However, the Panzers weren't limited to tank warfare; other variants came about, such as the Wespe(mobile artillery built on the Panzer II Chassis), Bison I(built on the Panzer I chassis, mobile artillery), Panzer Wirbelwind (mobile anti-aircraft gun build on Panzer IV chassis), Nashorn (mobile anti-tank gun built on Panzer IV chassis), Marder I, II, III (mobile anti-tank guns built on Panzer I, II, and III chassis), and the Sturmgeschutz III(an assault gun/anti-tank gun built on Panzer III chassis).

That being said, Panzers were very reliable tanks, powerful, and deadly. They almost always strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.
On one occasion, a Tiger Tank managed to knock out a whole column of 31 American Sherman tanks.
by your daddy January 23, 2005
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The panzer is the crescent shaped area of skin on bottom of the female breast or buttocks that exposed by really short shirts or skirts.

Formerly, this most beautiful part of all the female anatomy was without a word to describe it.
In those cut off shorts, I can see her panzer.
by ellweb February 26, 2005
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1.german wartank
2.strong, broad, phat.
3.a VERY fat girl
ooh, that hip hop beat sure s'got a lotta bass ... so panzer!

she says she's big-boned... I say she's jabba! ...what a panzer! PUN-TSAH!!
by Lisa June 16, 2003
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"Panzer" is actually short for "Panzerwagen", which in German means "Armor Wagen". Panzer does not, however, mean "panther" like some people believe.
Soldaten: Achtung! Ich sehe ein feindliche Panzerwagen!!
Zweite Soldaten: Nein, Das ist ein Kübelwagen!
by Der Neger February 9, 2005
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