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"wo" is german for "where". Simple but true...
Scheiße! Wo ist meine granate?
by Der Neger February 9, 2005
"Panzer" is actually short for "Panzerwagen", which in German means "Armor Wagen". Panzer does not, however, mean "panther" like some people believe.
Soldaten: Achtung! Ich sehe ein feindliche Panzerwagen!!
Zweite Soldaten: Nein, Das ist ein Kübelwagen!
by Der Neger February 9, 2005
Cheese (from cows) + Puff (from smokers usually weed) = Cheese Puff!
by Der Neger February 3, 2005
The German word for "The Nigger". Also "Der Nigger" is used. Black German's prefer the term Afro-Deutsch (Afro-German).
Weisse Mann: DU!
Schwarze Mann: Ich?
Weisse Mann: Ja, Du. Du neger!!
Schwarze Mann: *Klick Klock*~~Boom
Weisse Mann: Ahhhh...Meine Beine!!
by Der Neger January 19, 2005
A type of people and language. Here is a crule joke (not to be taken personily, and if you do tuff shit)
Dude: Hey what do you call a German who is too afraid to fight?
Other Dude: What?
Dude: Dutch
by Der Neger February 11, 2005
Luftwaffe is the german word for "air force", literary translated it means "air weapon". The Luftwaffe was the german air force during WWII. The modern german Air force is still under the name of Luftwaffe, unlike the army which switched from "Wehrmacht" to "Bundeswehr" (Federal Army).
Dude 1: Luftwaffe? What the hell is that a type of food?
Dude 2: Nein, scheiße Kopf. Sie ist das "Air force" von Deutschland.
Dude 1: What?
by Der Neger May 4, 2005