Def. Another term for the Swine Flu.
1) I'm coming down with a wicked bad case of the oinks!

2) I'm praying I don't get the oinks, they were out of vaccines.

3) Don't come over. Seriously, we have The Oinks!
by The Oinks Suck November 10, 2009
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"Yo, did you hear that Jimmy got that Oink-Oink joint? They closed the whole school!"
by scottahb May 04, 2009
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The general harassing behavior police are prone to give.
"Me and my friends were just hanging out at the park, minding our own business when the cops showed up and gave us some oinkness."
by Whodang September 07, 2009
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The sound a pig or a fat girl makes when they want to express themselves.
Nima: You hungry girl?
Athina: Oink!

Nima: Eat up
by WinstonisChink March 27, 2019
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The noise that a piggy makes.
Pig 1: *oink*
Pig 2: *oink*
by -x- February 01, 2004
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My girlfriend says I'm a pig, but I'm truly an oink.
by Armand Dillo September 18, 2012
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