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A combination of the words "spam" and "vampire" used for describing marketers, particularly telemarketers (voice spam), spammers (e-spam), door-to-door sales persons/solicitors (direct spam) and anyone who adds your e-mail to their e-news letter or blog without your consent (more e-spam) such as "life-style coaches" and "business" consultants. The term is applied appropriately to anyone who is performing the life sucking annoyance of sending you unwanted voice mail, spam, knocking on your door to get you to buy or sign something or otherwise accosting you on the street with a clipboard. Unlike vampires, they are usually resistant to garlic, holy water and the cross. However, just like vampires, a good sturdy wooden stake through the heart should dispatch them forever. Girlscouts fall into this category when perched in front of grocery stores hawking cookies.
Sorry I was late, the spampires were out in full annoyance today and I could barely answer my phone, email, or go anywhere without tripping over one.
by Whodang May 17, 2012
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2. (noun) A combination of "hipster" and "hillbilly" as most characterized by people living in Austin, TX. Examples of hipbilly characteristics might include neck tattoos or a general Lorenzo Lamas (circa "Renegade") style appearance.

3. (adjective) Used in the description of a place where hipbillies live, frequent or have otherwise manifested as their own.
It's difficult to judge downtown Austin @ 930am on a Saturday, but if I had to coin a term I'd go with "hipbilly".
by Whodang April 23, 2011
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The general harassing behavior police are prone to give.
"Me and my friends were just hanging out at the park, minding our own business when the cops showed up and gave us some oinkness."
by Whodang September 7, 2009
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