A shorter version of "over".
*A french fry falls on the dirty floor*
You: That's ove.
(Meaning your plan to eat the french fry is over)

*You check your grades and you have an F in one of your classes*
You: My grade in that class is ove.
(Meaning that your chance to get an A in that class, or simply pass the class, is over)
by JLCJESUS November 5, 2017
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Black Metal slang, used in subsitute of 'of'. Has the same basic meaning as 'of' but is used to convey tr00ness to the BM scene.
by Kutulu August 9, 2005
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Courage; bravery. The female equivalent of possessing "balls". Females can be brave too, even though they don't possess testicles.
Julie went skydiving yesterday. That girl has some serious oves.
Courtney is really a wimp. She needs to grow some oves.
by Richard Shunnairy, RBN September 27, 2013
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A shortend version of the word "Oviously" or "ovious"
Dude #1: The banana is yellow
Dude #2: ovs -_-"
by IAmACutter.tumblr April 22, 2011
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A term fucking idiots use to describe someone/something that is very very shit/bad
You're OV bro
by ssheepe July 29, 2020
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The act of telling someone it's over in a way that let's them know the matter in question is Taboo
Wanna run up on me, it's ov!
by HArold January 17, 2004
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The last 2 letters of nearly every damn Russian dude on this planet. The other portion either end with "in" or "ev" or "sky".
Retard 1: Hey guys it's my main man Kozlov!... no no wait... Federov... Bykov?... No I got it.. Nabokov! Yea that's it.

Russian: Actually it's Malkin.
by SKYYGUYY April 7, 2009
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