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Courage; bravery. The female equivalent of possessing "balls". Females can be brave too, even though they don't possess testicles.
Julie went skydiving yesterday. That girl has some serious oves.
Courtney is really a wimp. She needs to grow some oves.
by Richard Shunnairy, RBN September 27, 2013
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Acronym for Outdated Farm Equiqment aka niggers
Very good for being discretely racist.
Pronounced like ofie, not oaf.

Justin: What the fuck for? So you can pick fruit while you drive? You fucking OFE.

Lebron: HUH?

Justin: Exactly.
by Osorio February 22, 2008
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being over something. saying something is lame and it needs to end. a short quick way to say something is done.
ex1: "I am way oves this lecture today"

ex2: daren,"thats so coolio foolio"

parker,"bro your so oves saying that"
by chloe gordon April 08, 2008
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ovaries, the female gonads. internal sexual organs which control and regulate all things that make a chick tick -- her ride, her slide, her jekyll and hyde, everything that leaves men wide-eyed, mystified, and ever-so-satisfied.
Janell showed serious oves when she told Juicey Jay to fuck off in front of his fellow gang members.

I'm tellin' you bro, that girl has massive oves, she will work you like a slave in the sack.

Tina and Amber should have stopped shopping and had something to eat, or at least drink, but their oves drove them ever onward.
by nihil8r February 23, 2004
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The most straight up hood in all South Jersey. You don't wanna mess with them. Short for Oak Forest Estaes. They gangstas.
They don't listen to Soulja Boy because the O.F.E. knows he a fake gangsta
by Member of O.F.E. August 10, 2009
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