This is said when talking with another person in a competitive manner, you concede that the other person has won.
It is usually said during one-up-manship contest.
Somewhat of a backwards "you win",but you really are the loser.
This is a very old saying...said as early as the 1800's.
Rhonda: I have a really bad headache.
Rick: Oh yeah, well I have a hangnail!
Rhonda: Yeah , and my knee hurts too.
Rick: Well, I guess "your ass is the blackest."

by The_Overman September 1, 2007
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When someone twerks so hard that their weave falls off, they slip on it, snap their neck and die

ay yo niglet I hope miley cyrus suffers the blackest way to die
by SenorAndo June 20, 2014
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A secret/rare white card from the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. The card can only be found in the lining of the top of "A Bigger Blacker Box", a box designed to store up to 1500 Cards Against Humanity cards. Unlike standard cards, the letters on the card, which read "The biggest blackest dick." are silver and are embossed into the card. The card is the successor to "A bigger blacker dick", the successor to "A big black dick".
Kyle: "Hey Jim, did you hear about the secret Cards Against Humanity card on reddit?"

Jim: "You must be talking about 'The biggest blackest dick.' Yeah I heard."
by Encyclopedia Shitannica January 27, 2014
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Someone who brags and/or is so egotistical, they purposely place themselves in a disatvantage in order to show there "the best". Usually always useing "I" in the beginning of a sentence.
Mike: I dont need friends like other people do, I am the best.
Julio: Man, you are the Blackest Tea Kettle i know.
by CosmicRey July 9, 2011
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When something is more black then black. Its a real word!
Why you pick the blackest snake smh
by Dwpng December 9, 2021
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Going to the mall and dipping your ass in black paint and proceeding to grind on the mall Santa
by Hasaf December 3, 2019
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