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The new racial slur deeemed upon Chinese people as a result of the Greyhound Bus decapitation incident. Often said in the plural form (headcutters) as they tend to travel in packs of 4 or greater.
Person #1: Dude! What are you doing?
Person #2: Going to sit down at the back.
Person #1: Them be fucking headcutters back there. So unless you want your head on the floor, and your intestines eaten I suggest staying up here.
Person #2: Thanks man I owe you one.

Tom (Yelling on the balcony of his 6th floor hotel room): HEY HEADCUTTERS... GO EAT SOME..... FUCKING FRIED RICE!
by SKYYGUYY March 24, 2009

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The best player in all of baseball. He can hit for average, power, and can draw a ridiculous amount of walks. He is also a good fielder, and one of the few remaining good clean players left.

Pujols is also the homophone for the word "poo-holes"
Balls Deep: selects Alex Rodriguez with the 1st overall pick...
Pitchers and Catchers: Haha fucking idiot took A-Roid over "M V Pujols". What a shit tard!

Albert Pujols likes to stick his weiner in the ladies poo-holes.
by SKYYGUYY March 29, 2009

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1. It is when you are playing goaltender in hockey and have every possible angle cut off, yet the player still manages to go top shelf on you.

2. Also means to stick your hand underneath a lawnmower or in a snowblower and the end result being your hand getting fucked up.

Named after the legendary hockey player Joe Sakic, who at the age of 38 still managed to get 100 points. At the age of 39 in the game of his career he had an altercation with a Honda HS928 snowblower but lost 1 to nothing. Synonymous with the word owned.
1. Patrick Roy who played most of his career with Joe Sakic and the Colorado Avalanche never got Sakic'd nearly as much as he should have.

2. Little Bobby Jr.: Aaaaahhhhh!
Big Bobby Sr.: I told you 10 thousand times not to stick your fucking hand in the snowblower Bobby. I hate to say this son, but you just got Sakic'd!
by SKYYGUYY March 29, 2009

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The last 2 letters of nearly every damn Russian dude on this planet. The other portion either end with "in" or "ev" or "sky".
Retard 1: Hey guys it's my main man Kozlov!... no no wait... Federov... Bykov?... No I got it.. Nabokov! Yea that's it.

Russian: Actually it's Malkin.
by SKYYGUYY April 07, 2009

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It is when you form a bubble of spit on your tongue and blow it off with just the right wind speed that it doesn't pop. The bubble then lands on a surface but does not go more then a few seconds before succumbing to a puddle of saliva.
Johnny can now blow spit bubbles on command without any trouble. Because as a child the dumb fuck swore so much that the dishsoap his mom used to rinse his mouth out with permanently fixated itself in his saliva.

Normal Person: Aw fuck man how long have you been blowing those on my food?
Normal Person 2: You know when you complained about somehow getting herpes?
Normal Person: Yea but that was a month ago...
Normal Person 2: ...

by SKYYGUYY March 26, 2009

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A person(s), usually one of your friends, who goes onto your Facebook after forgetting to log out and abuses the "add friend" button on a lot of random people. Alcohol may be a factor in some of these cases, and depending on the severity, the damage may be irreversible.

Besides adding random people the friend(s) may also "like" unwanted fan pages (Mike the Situation, Adam Lambert, etc.), send inappropriate inbox messages to the opposite sex, make self-degrading status updates, fool around on Facebook chat, and change relationship status.

Symptoms of a Facebook Vulture attack include many notifications, inbox messages entitled "do I know you?" or "What the fuck?". One may commence in the the speedy canceling of friend requests, status updates, fan pages, etc, in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain, however the damage is already done.
My Facebook the next morning after a party: You have 50 notifications. Brent likes your status: "I shit the bed!" 10 unread inbox messages: "Do I know you?" "Who the fuck's this?" "Facebook Vulture attack?" (Ok maybe that last one was a lie, but I'm hoping the word catches on) Megan likes your status: "I <3 the Hanson brothers!"
by SKYYGUYY January 11, 2011

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When you witness or do something that is Larry David funny. To be Larry David funny it has to be funnier than just funny, and after telling someone about it they laugh profusely as well.
Man 1: What's so funny?
Man 2: I slept at this random girls place last night and when I woke up hungover the next morning I couldn't remember what I did with my phone. After searching for it extensively we finally gave up and she said, "If I find it, I'll just give you a call." And yes, she was serious.
Man 1: Hahahaha that's hi-larry-ous!
by SKYYGUYY February 06, 2011

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