so then she gonna run up on me talkin about i owe her some money.
by shatda shekem March 18, 2005
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to jump, or momentarily attain a hidden position and then compromise your position with bad intent
so what make's you think imma run up on you with a nine
-50 Cent
by atowneightynizzle November 13, 2003
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To try to make a move or have sex with somebody
"Whaddup with you and me girl? When we gon' chill?"

"Nigga,Dont even try to run up on my shit!!"
by Bobscout January 7, 2006
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1.The first motion in a physical altercation, the opening stage of a fight.

2.acceleration toward someone with intent to harm.

goes beyond posturing but does not require contact just a threat of contact.

usually warrants a reaction and almost always results in a fight.
Kim: are you going to fight Seth after school?

Brandon: If that nigga Run up.

also in past tense:
Teacher: John I am sorely disappointed in you why did you hit that young man

John: he ran up so I punched him. \

Run up
by Hooddirector April 8, 2009
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1) to suddenly approach someone
2) to ambulate quickly across an inclined surface
3) to accumulate
1) "What makes you think that I won't run up on you wit da nine?" -50 Cent
2) After I increased the incline on the treadmill, I really had to run up.
3) You took your bitch to Wendy's for you one year anniversary? Dag man better not run up too much money on the ol' credit card bills.

If you run up too big a debt to that loan shark, he'll probably run up on you. If I were you, I'd run up into the hills and not come back for awhile. Cracka.
by Nick D October 28, 2003
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“ yea bitch you was taking all that shit on Facebook Run up hoe!!!!”
by Realassbitch283399 June 8, 2021
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a request for sex from a woman (not meant exclusively for anal sex). Includes all forms of sexual relations. Also used to describe entering an area with force. Can be used in it's past-tense to describe the completion of said act.
Also, used as "ran up in."
"Can I run up in you, if I buy you dinner and flowers?"
"They are gone, I plan to run up in that house tonight."
"the police ran up in that dope spot last night"
"I ran up in that one b**** yesterday."
by dirty November 25, 2004
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