a person who compensates for latent frustrations over prejudices against her own race or gender by contributing to the scapegoating of other minorities, of which she is not a part, so as to make herself feel more connected to and accepted by the majority.
When he was a child, he used to get the shit beaten out of him by the rich, white kids; then he grew up, made a lot of money and became a malkin. Now he spends all his time campaigning against gay rights.
by ChunAsperEndao November 14, 2009
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A backpack which is longer than it is wide. Made famous by a student at the Alternative Community School in central New York.
Sometimes, a Malkin can grow or shrink throughout the day without reason for why or how.
person 1-"dude look at that kid's malkin "
person 2-"I know it's like bigger than he is!"
by Hickory Bark February 08, 2009
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A woman who would be a slut if she could but who is still a virgin only because she is too undesirable.
This malkin keeps hitting me up but i don't wanna fuck that.
by mya_rasmuffin December 11, 2017
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Conservative blogger and cog in Rupert Murdoch's propaganda machine.

-An Asian-American who supports internment
-An "Uncle Chong" who kisses up to white people
-Recently "called out" Rachel Ray for supporting terror by wearing a middle-eastern neck scarf
-Spews arrogant, self-righteous, "play the victim" conservatism, fights for the plight of the downtrodden American upper/upper-middle class
-Generally mindless squawking
Michelle Malkin recently stated: blah blah blah blah blah
by ramath July 10, 2008
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Launching a vicious, factually-challenged, hate-filled personal attack against someone, then claiming the mantle of victimhood when called on your smear job. See Also projection.
Ann Coulter is also a master of the Reverse Malkin. She smeared the 9/11 widows, then cried foul when she was called on it!
by J. A. Baker October 10, 2007
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One of the best hockey players ever. Hails from Russia and is an object of lust for Pens fans. Is currently playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
"Hey Lisa did you watch the Pens game last night?"
"Yeah Sara, Evgeni Malkin played so well, as usual, that I shall stalk him until I get the chance to sex him up."
by Mrs. Malkin March 01, 2008
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