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a person who compensates for latent frustrations over prejudices against her own race or gender by contributing to the scapegoating of other minorities, of which she is not a part, so as to make herself feel more connected to and accepted by the majority.
When he was a child, he used to get the shit beaten out of him by the rich, white kids; then he grew up, made a lot of money and became a malkin. Now he spends all his time campaigning against gay rights.
by ChunAsperEndao November 14, 2009
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A backpack which is longer than it is wide. Made famous by a student at the Alternative Community School in central New York.
Sometimes, a Malkin can grow or shrink throughout the day without reason for why or how.
person 1-"dude look at that kid's malkin "
person 2-"I know it's like bigger than he is!"
by Hickory Bark February 08, 2009
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A woman who would be a slut if she could but who is still a virgin only because she is too undesirable.
This malkin keeps hitting me up but i don't wanna fuck that.
by mya_rasmuffin December 14, 2017
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