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One smooth mother fucker, who died of AIDS.
The boys in the hood are always hard....
by harold July 27, 2003

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(n) one who hangs around with professional athletes or jocks in general, thinking this will make them higher on the social food chain. Sometimes do dirty work for jocks.
Mike is a jock sniffer who thinks he will meet more chicks if he hangs out with jocks.
by Harold April 19, 2005

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(n) a sleeveless mens undershirt; a wifebeater or muscle T
(From the stereotype that italians wear these shirts; see guinea)
It's hot today; I think I'll just wear my guinea T
by Harold April 19, 2005

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superfluous, unnecessary, petty, trivial, insignificant, needless, uncalled-for…. (:>))
Take you chicken shit job with your chicken shit ideas and shove it up your chicken shit butt....
by Harold April 19, 2003

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known in tools song lataralus
spiral out...keep going
by Harold July 22, 2003

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For the love of god
FTLOG, will you shut your mouth, ahole?
by Harold November 16, 2003

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The act of telling someone it's over in a way that let's them know the matter in question is Taboo
Wanna run up on me, it's ov!
by HArold January 17, 2004

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